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I love Nepal - Ananya Maharjan

बिराट नेपाल

रक्की माउन्टेन फ्रेन्ड्स् अफ नेपाल (कोलोराडो) द्वारा आयोजित निबन्ध प्रतियोगितामा भाग लिएका बालबालिकाहरुद्वारा लेखिएको  निबन्धहरु बिआरटी नेपाल ड्ट कममा प्रतियोगीको नामको वर्णक्रमको आधारमा क्रमश: प्रकाशित हुनेछ । तेस्रो निबन्ध लेखिका अनन्या मानन्धर (कक्षा ११,  बोल्डर हाइ स्कुल) 


Nepal is a small strip of land wedged between two enormous countries but the culture and beauty packed into that small place is tremendous. Many people might forget or not even realize it’s existence, but the people of Nepal—no matter how far we stray—will always love and defend our country. From the holy places, the cities, to the villages, Nepal is beautiful. Of course we acknowledge the problems, but we must also focus on the various positives that make us miss our country. I spent a short time in Nepal, but I still learned a lot about the culture from my family in America. Along with many others, we celebrate the festivals and holidays in Nepal and attract interest from multiple non Nepali people around us. It makes me happy when I see a non Nepali person at our functions. I like that we are attracting people and educating them about our beautiful country. Though we celebrate, it is not the same as experiencing it in Nepal with all our family and friends. The thing I am most in touch with from Nepal is probably the food. We are a different culture from most of America and our food is unique. The smell of Nepali food is distinctive and delectable.. It’s so much more mouthwatering than the food we normally find in America. It is healthy and delicious.


I am learning to make the many delicious dishes that I enjoy at home so I can stay in contact with my culture wherever I go. I may not be able to speak perfectly, but I enjoy listening to people speak. Our national language is so beautiful and unique. I am sad to admit that I cannot write or read Nepali that well. When I was younger, my mother read to me from an old Nepali short story book. The interesting stories and legends that have been passed down through numerous generations are incredible to listen to late at night. In the evenings, my family and I sometimes watch a Nepali movie together. I love the beautiful music and the scenery that I get to experience so far away from home. When I watch Nepali movies, I am pulled to the clothing and adornments that the people wear. The beautiful dresses and jewelry is something we don’t have a strong access to. We can order online and try to hunt down some stores, but it is not the same as actually buying and wearing them in Nepal. I am a modern girl but I would love to wear the traditional clothing of Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country that is not yet completely urban. There are still extensive rice fields and grasslands where nature is teeming. The beautiful flowers, wildlife and, of course, our mountain range, Nepal is the top of the world. Half a world away, we are almost the farthest distance from our county that we can be, but our affection is still strong. So far way from our home, the diverse cultures of Nepal come together and connect. We have built our own community. Even though Nepali people may not be a strong majority or minority of Colorado, we wear the love for our country proudly. America is a big place with countless cultures and customs, but we will never lose or forget ours.

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