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One held for taking citizenship from fake details

बिराट नेपाल

Banepa, Feb 28: Police arrested a person of Phimphori VDC in Kavre district on the charge of taking citizenship by providing fake details. 

Jhalak Bahadur Kami, who was found of taking citizenship with the details of his own brother Samir Bishwakarma, was arrested when he visited the District Administration Office on Thursday to get the details corrected, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Raj Kumar KC said. 

Police suspected that Jhalak Bahadur could have taken the citizenship in the name of his brother as his age was not enough to receive the citizenship from the administration office. 

Born in 2051 BS, Jhalak Bahadur had received the citizenship with fake date of birth of 2047 BS. Police said Jhalak Bahadur would be booked as per the Citizenship Act. RSS


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