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बिराट नेपाल

Canada, Owner of SUSSOS International, SUSHIL RAM JOSHI an Ottawa run small enterprise with a Nepali flavor is pleased to announce a CANADIAN DEBUT OF SUR SUDHA, Nepal’s premier  classical music quartet.
Mainly to promote Nepalese culture in north america through classical music . Also Proceeds will go to benefit a secondary school in Nepal that was damaged by the recent earthquake.

While Sur Sudha have toured Europe and Asia to critical acclaim, this is the first time for the group to play in Canada. SUSSOS’s Sushil Ram Joshi, who has organized a Canada wide tour of the group, says: “ I wanted share with fellow Canadians, the magic and enchantment of the music of Nepal and the Kathmandu valley. This group also captures the resilience and tenacity of the people of Nepal, in the face of tremendous adversity”.

Music critic’s Andrew Bartlett write up of this group will be of interest to Ottawa music lovers:

“The Nepalese trio Sur Sudha came together in the late 1980s for what amounts to a national-cultural mission. They set out to document the varieties of music in Nepal, and, given the remarkable contrasts in the landscape, it's no surprise that Sur Sudha's musical evocations span large distances. The musical highs and lows, though, are all kept within close reach of each other, reminding that Sur Sudha is a spare ensemble, employing only flute (Prem Rana Autari), sitar (Bijaya Vaidya), and tabla (Surendra Shrestha). The tunes here are compact, ranging from just over 5 to around 16 minutes, much in contrast to traditional Indian ragas, which can stretch to near eternity in their balance of drones and cyclic tabla rhythms. Like Indian music, these pieces feature each instrument closely entwined with the others, developing melodic units that spiral at a moderate and measured pace and featuring the sitar in a not-quite-drone role that sponges up the flute tones and wrings them back out in resonating solo segments. Listeners who enjoy standout solos as much as collective improvisations off raags (a musical scale similar to Indian ragas) will enjoy the work Sur Sudha has done to keep the band's direction balanced on an axis of expressive play.” --Andrew Bartlett

Known as Nepal’s “Musical Ambassadors,” Sur Sudha is dedicated to creating music that disseminates a universal message of peace and harmony and works to demonstrate how two of the world’s great religions-Hinduism and Buddhism-find perfect fusion in Nepal.

The Group is scheduled to play at a dinner/concert to be held at the Delta Hotel, Ottawa, Saturday 26th September .

More information on the following link:

Sushil Ram Joshi: 
613 878 3015

Program schedule,
1. 19th sep Toronto
2. 26th sep OTTAWA
3. 2nd and 3rd oct VANCOUVER
4. 4th oct EDMONTON
and more other cities

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