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Noble Living: Leadership and Noble Living · by Buna Dahal

बिराट नेपाल

Giving Back

Our mission is “Personal Leadership and Vision.

REBUILDING NEPAL: Seeing The Future Work is prepared to share the best practices of the community rehabilitation model. The community rehabilitation model implements innovative empowerment strategies in place of the traditional medical care model which focuses on confinement. Good information, knowledge and experience instill belief in one’s self and thereby develop self-esteem. They build confidence and ignite inner souls. These combined elements cause positive attitudes through self-direction. Our primary goal is an advancement of the blind and disabled as they strive for economic, social and political equality.

I was invited to lead international programs with Blind Corps. DynamicBuna and Blind Corps. Together have executed influential programs abroad. We have already conducted successful training; Futures in Blindness in the Republic of Turkey (2007, 2008 and 2010) and Blind Leading Blind in Kathmandu, Nepal (2013).

Blindness and disability is often considered hopeless and helpless in society. One of the powerful ways to change this notion is through education. Structured discovery is our delivery method. What does structured discovery mean? It is a practical approach, the layering of progressively complex activities, for creating holistic understanding. For example: teaching by role modeling, exploratory learning, alternative techniques to problem solving, and proven demonstrative action combined with measurable results.

Our initiatives, Blind Leading Blind and Futures in Blindness proved to be life changing programs that empowered blind youth through enhancing their Braille literacy and information technology skills, white-cane travel techniques and strategies for independent living. We taught educators how to set higher standards for blind children. Further yet, we convinced employers and educational institutions to improve opportunities for gainful employment and access to relevant degree programs.

“Ask not what your country can do for you –ask what you can do for your country,” in short, President John F. Kennedy challenged citizens of the world to promote personal responsibility. After emigrating from Nepal and establishing myself in the United States of America, such opportunities to serve around the world have been an incredible gift to me. No matter what culture we are raised in, giving and receiving are important elements of our lives. It is universally true that the more we give, the more we receive. The more we share, the more we learn. As a result we create a self-reliant community and/or society not only for us but the generations coming after us.

Nepal has a significant need. Let us, business owners, family and friends, look to our own. So the blind and disabled of our mother-land will be inspired to build their future together by taking control of their destiny. Again, giving back is like teaching one how to fish for life instead of feeding him for a day.

REBUILDING NEPAL: Seeing The Future Work, the community fundraiser was a huge success! A single event raised $3,249.00. Many-many thanks to our beloved community. Our Nepalese community of Colorado and friends of Nepal --we called on you, and you responded. We are deeply touched by your generosity. It is time to take pride in our own philanthropic achievement!


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