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Harry (H.B.) Bhandari: A Rising Star among Nepali American Diaspora

बिराट नेपाल

BRTNEPAL Rep, Baltomore, USA:-
Mr. Bhandari has been selected for Ph.D. program in Language, Literacy, and Culture program out of very competitive pool of applicants at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) for the fall of 2016. Mr. Bhandari, a former candidate of Maryland House who came just couple of hundred votes short in 2014 democratic primary election had received  big endorsements from The Baltimore Sun, MARYLAND STATE AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA  AFL-CIO, the biggest labor Union of America, and  powerful local democratic clubs and democratic leaders; his candidacy received considerable attention. In its endorsement The Baltimore Sun (Est.1837) the largest general-circulation daily newspaper based in the state of Maryland has written “Mr. Bhandari is a native of Nepal who started out in this country as a gas station attendant and worked his way through college and graduate school. He is now a teacher, and he has a passion for education policy. He has an immigrant's drive and appreciation for the opportunities this country affords, and we have no doubt that he would work hard to make sure others have the same chances to succeed.”  

Mr. Bhandari, who delivers speech on cultural issues at seminars and academic institutions after propounding a cultural theory, Labyrinth Conscience, in collaboration with two other university friends, had held assistant professor position at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. When his theory was prescribed in M.A. Nepali Resource book, he had received a substantial attention from the contemporary writers and publication in Nepal; he wrote K-8 private school text books and prefaces to literary books. As a high-school principal, he had recognized the exigency of actions for social and education equality created by caste discrimination.  

In 2005, he arrived to the U.S. as a cultural critic to present a paper on Global Diaspora and Immigration at George Mason University. Excitingly, he obtained lawful permanent residence under the EB 1 Visa, the most enticing immigrant visa that the United States has to offer by demonstrating level of expertise at the top of designated field with “extraordinary abilities” in 2006. While teaching at Baltimore Public School System and Baltimore City Community College, he had completed multiple action based researches on educational disparity and equality at Johns Hopkins University.

Now he has been  interested on competing views on diversity and affirmative action as  the word ‘diversity’ has become one of the most divisive, contentious, and at the same time, assuaging words.  Regarding affirmative action, equal opportunity, the criminal justice system, he told us that he deeply think on the research questions such as: Why are some races poor and unequal? What leads people into poverty, violence, and crime? What events and interventions lead them out?  His research is believed to answer collective action dilemmas of diversity by comparative approach in the light that diversity is the strength of America. Mr. Bhandari, an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University, U.S and Tribhuvan University, Nepal, is looking forward completing his Ph.D. under a supervision of Dr. Cedric Herring, a renowned American professor on Affirmative action at UMBC.

Interestingly, couple of days ago community leaders and his campaign supporters from 2014, gathered at his residence and asked him to run for 2018 state delegate race. The gathering elected Dr. Shyam Karki to co-ordinate campaign of Friends of Harry (H.B) Bhandari. Mr. Bhandari, who has served in local government board and commission, and national secretary of Young Democrats of America (Minority Caucus), look  forward performing research and expanding his knowledge of race, affirmative action, and diversity that will make him more competitive in political landscape moving forward. 


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