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ANA Press release on Authentic ANA convention:

बिराट नेपाल

As you all know ANA is organizing its 2016 Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia from July 1 to 3. As the oldest Nepali community organization in North America (US and Canada), ANA has been holding annual conventions in different cities in North America every year since 1983. The ANA conventions have provided a common platform for community gatherings, sports and fashion program for youth, Nepal related forums and world class entertainment programs.

We have noted that a convention is being held in LA during the same dates which the organizers have labelled “the first Nepali American Convention in the US”. That is a misrepresentation, as that is not the first Nepali convention. While any group is free to organize programs, deceptive announcements are not appropriate.

Also the planned convention in LA has lifted programs and words that ANA has regularly used in its annual conventions. For example, “Nepal Forum” was started by ANA in its 1989

Boston convention to discuss the contemporary issues related to development and policies in Nepal. The other advertised programs such as “fashion show” and “youth games” have been a staple part of ANA’s convention programs. Use of all these icons and phrases deceptively give newcomers an impression that the conventions being held in LA might be actually an ANA convention. The authentic and real ANA convention is the one being held in Atlanta during July 1-3.

All interested individuals are cordially invited in ANA’s Atlanta convention.


Roger Adhikari


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