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We Love Nepal-- Saragam Gadal

बिराट नेपाल

रक्की माउन्टेन फ्रेन्ड्स् अफ नेपाल (कोलोराडो) द्वारा आयोजित निबन्ध प्रतियोगितामा भाग लिएका बालबालिकाहरुद्वारा लेखिएको निबन्धहरु बिआरटी नेपाल ड्ट कममा प्रतियोगीको नामको वर्णक्रमको आधारमा क्रमश: प्रकाशित हुनेछ । सातौँ निबन्ध लेखक सरगम गदाल (कक्षा ९, चेरी क्रिक हाइस्कुल)


प्रतियोगितामा तेस्रो स्थान प्राप्त निबन्ध ! 


“The great loss by nature,
Destroyed by creature,
What happened in Nepal?
Something that cannot undo
Be unite, help each other
That’s all we can do.

25th of April, 2015
The tragedy happened,
That is the date we
Remember again and again.
Thousands are injured
Thousands were killed,
All the lives are compelled to stay
In the open field.
People lost their beloved ones
lost their houses
Only the caused by this earthquake.

There are not many survivors
Many of our loved one have praised
But, we have also suffered a pain that can’t be healed.
Hope, not to be happened again
People not to be suffered by this sorrow
And not to be killed.

My heartiest prayers and best wishes
For all the survivors.

God bless our beautiful Nepal!”
In April of 2015, I wrote this poem expressing my heartfelt sympathies to my parents’ country, Nepal and its people. Where, I have spent my early childhood (3 to 6 years of my age) in Kathmandu. I have lots of good memories still in my mind. 

Now, I wanted to share how I felt about the catastrophic earthquake that struck my beloved country of Himalaya. I’m really curious on how people are doing there. It hurts me memorizing that my family members who live in Nepal and all the other citizens of different parts of the country were either injured, homeless or killed by the heave earthquake. Most of the traditional heritage and individual built-up property were collapsed in a minute. All the people no matter billionaires or penniless were in the same condition in the streets. They all were in the tent on the open ground. It shows, by nature the people have the same position and materialistic status in the society has been made by human itself. 

I also feel hurt because of knowing that some people lost their family members due to that disaster and I’m sure they are devastated. Most of the constructions are damaged, roads are cracked and mentally the people are sick and shocked. Everywhere it seems fear and panic situation. After the main earthquake, there were many aftershocks daily or weekly for long time and still it’s going on which made people in fear. I’m planning to go to Nepal in my summer vacation this year; I don’t know how the situation is. I’m thinking how the lives of people would have been displaced, how they are suffering from so many scarcities and pain? It is just I can imagine. 

But, the good thing we found in this situation is solidarity among people. Lots of helping hands became ready with money, willingness and keen interest to help people at this time. I saw here, my dad and his friends worked hard to help and still helping the people of affected area in Nepal by raising funds and sending money to them. And also the Nepalese community around the world prays for the better life and peace of homeless and injured individuals. 

I’m sure everyone in Nepal is working really hard to rebuild all the buildings and houses that were destroyed and I’m sure there will be light again. We love our origin, we love our culture, heritage and we love Nepal.



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